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Social Justice the only way.

"I think you'll find you have my money."

Whenever we hear in the news that another failed executive has just sacked half his workforce while paying himself an obscene bonus, or when we discover another politician embroiled in some kind of political corruption, we all spit with fury and, for a fleeting moment, we dream of storming parliament on PM’s question time with a Kalashnikov screaming “Die you motherfuckers”; hosing them all down, then setting off the 300 ton fertilizer bomb we planted under the foundations blowing all the fuckers and yourself sky high. This brief moment of nihilism, worthy of any fundamentalist’s praise, is a brief musing for most of us, sick of the continual lack of conscience within the elite in our society.

So I have decided to get together my little list of Social Injustice which represents many of the outrages that we all moan about but do very little to stop. Accompanying these I have a few suggestions and welcome anyone to add more suggestions or more cases of injustice that continue to annoy average Joes and fuel revolutionary dreams.

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    allan bagley 

    i think you’ll find that social justice is only for those with money.

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