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razor Do you wet shave? Have you noticed how quickly you seem to get through your rather expensive razor blades. In fact, if you thought about the reason you have binned many a blade, you might have realised it wasn’t because it had become dulled, but more likely because hair had clogged up between the blades.

I have now realised that Men’s premium razor blades (whether double or triple or quad) do not have enough space between the blades to allow hair to freely fall through when washing them out. The space is so small that very quickly the blade is clogged and is thrown into the bin. Men may be a bit stupid this way, but women certainly are not and companies such as Gillette know it.

That’s why I suggest you use a venuswoman’s leg shaver for your chin. I currently use the Gillette Venus and it does a perfect job. You may even be able to see the distance between the blades is wider in these two images. The blade lasts for ages and I get a really good shave every time. Don’t be perturbed either by the fact that your razor isn’t the throbbing gristle power saw that swooshes around on the Gillette adverts. It might be powder pink or come in flowery packaging but you will never look back after the decent shave and blade lifecycle you get from a Venus.

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    RobinF (Marco's friend) 

    So you like to rub a Venus in your face? I use the manly ones and my high-pressure tap (which has a tendency to spray the entire bathroom) clears any known clog from between the blades. I do however believe they are a swindle and like toothbrushes and light bulbs could be made of better materials to make them last longer.

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    I haven’t tried it myself (dry shave all the way lol), but I’ve heard from most guys manly enough to try ‘womens’ (I use the term loosely cause surely blades are blades regardless of packaging?) shaving products that they do in fact have a better experience. It’s funny how a pink plastic wrapper can be so intimidating to some men’s sense of identity and masculinity.

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